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unripe or not fully developed.


/im·ma·ture/ (im″ah-chldbomacr´) unripe or not fully developed.


(ĭm′ə-tyo͝or′, -cho͝or′, -to͝or′)
1. Not fully grown or developed: an immature plant.
2. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity: silly, immature behavior.
An immature animal; a juvenile.

im′ma·ture′ly adv.
im′ma·tur′i·ty, im′ma·ture′ness n.


unripe or not fully developed.

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Q. is there proven cure for premature ejaculation

A. great answer F3_4U. Glad to see you on the site. How are you?

Q. how control premature ejuculation

A. There are medications that can help it, but they're prescription drugs so you may consult your doctor. Apart from that,, since in most cases there's no underlying medical problem that cause the premature ejaculation, you may consider consulting a sex therapist or mental health professional.

Q. what medication can i take for fremature ejaculation is there a over the counter med?or do i need to see a dr.?

A. I think it is right that anti depressants work, the question is how efficient it is, do you need to take it regularly on not and what are the side effects...

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Rahul Gandhi's act always shows that he is an immature 'shehzada'.
They have screened combinations of antibodies that bind to specific proteins on the surface of the immature and mature stem cells and that can be used for flow cytometry, a common laboratory technique for sorting cells.
Keywords: Direct trauma, Alveolar Process Bone Fracture, Immature Teeth.
Previously, RNA condensations in platelets were observed by microscope, similar to immature red blood cells after staining of the reticulum.
This immature tapeworm then develops into an adult in the dog's or cat's intestine and the life cycle is completed.
She describes the four types of immature parent: emotional, driven, passive, and rejecting.
However, there are far too many that are simply too immature and likely to be influenced to vote for a party that they little about and have no idea what they stand for.
He further informed that the appellant belonged to management cadre while he was transferred to general cadre in Abbotabad adding that an officer could only be transferred once he had completed the tenure of three years but the appellant joined health services in 2013 and transferred in 2015 which was immature transfer.
Immature defense styles thus have immature and imbalanced results, and, mature defense styles have mature and balanced results.
INTRODUCTION: Immature teratoma is a tumor composed of tissues from three germ cell layers with immature or embryonic structures.