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imb] to yield a single set of coefficients of imbalance that will reflect the balance condition of the cylinders of the considered bank at any time.
Recommendation: To improve the Minerals Management Service's oversight of the RIK gas program and help ensure that the nation receives its fair share of RIK gas, the Secretary of the Interior should establish procedures, with reasonable deadlines, for resolving and collecting all RIK gas imbalances in a timely manner.
These imbalances are just a few indicators of the extent of the core distortion.
We calculate order imbalance (OIB) as the difference between buyer-initiated trades and seller-initiated trades, and measure these trades by using the number of trades or dollar volume.
The model of chemical imbalance sells drugs but doesn't have much to do with how brain chemistry actually functions in mental states.
The researchers propose that the imbalance between these two compounds is the source of characteristic symptoms such as chronic lung inflammation and excess mucus.
They said Komura told Barshefsky the Japanese government is trying to revitalize its ailing economy to reverse the trade imbalance.
It would be improper, however, for the employer who has identified a manifest imbalance only in regard to Hispanics to create a preference that favors all minorities.
The central question which we consider in this paper is whether the increase in the UK unemployment rate in the late 1970s and the 1980s was in part attributable to an increase in sectoral imbalance in the labour markets.
The widely accepted explanation is the imbalance of taxing and spending policies introduced by the 1981 tax bill and accelerated defense buildup.
Contract notice: Scoping report on the European Commission's implementation of the macroeconomic imbalance procedure for France, Spain, Bulgaria and Slovenia.