iliac fascia

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il·i·ac fas·ci·a

the fascia covering the iliacus and psoas muscles, continuous with transversalis fascia anterolaterally and femoral sheath inferiorly.

iliac fascia

the portion of the endoabdominal fascia that is attached with the iliacus to the crest of the ilium and passes under the inguinal ligament into the thigh.

iliac fascia

Transversalis fascia over the anterior surface of the iliopsoas muscle.
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pl. fasciae [L.] a sheet or band of fibrous tissue such as lies deep to the skin or invests muscles and various body organs.

fascia adherens
one of the methods of attachment of actin filaments to the sarcolemma in cardiac muscle; a continuous zone of attachment.
aponeurotic fascia
a dense, firm, fibrous membrane investing the trunk and limbs and giving off sheaths to the various muscles. Called also deep fascia.
fascia cribrosa
the superficial fascia of the thigh covering the saphenous opening.
croup and thigh fascia
extensive sheets between muscle masses giving appearance of distinct molding of muscles, especially when horses in hard training; gives extensive attachments to muscle fascicles and serves as an energy store.
crural fascia
the investing fascia of the leg.
deep fascia
aponeurotic fascia.
endothoracic fascia
that beneath the serous lining of the thoracic cavity.
extrapleural fascia
a prolongation of the endothoracic fascia sometimes found at the root of the neck, important as possibly modifying the auscultatory sounds at the apex of the lung.
iliac fascia
covers the iliopsoas muscle below the wing of the ilium.
fascia lata
the external investing fascia of the thigh. An implant of this fascia is used in operation to correct penile deviation in the bull and for reconstruction of a ruptured anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament in dogs.
leg fascia
a colloquial, non-anatomic term for the extensive fascia, especially in horses, which converts the upper limb into a series of osteofascial compartments. Consists of a superficial layer continuous with the thigh fascia, a middle layer formed by extensive aponeuroses, e.g. tensor facia lata, biceps, semitendinosus, gracilis, sartorius muscles, and a deep layer between muscles and attaching them to the tibia.
orbital fascia
three layers connecting muscles to bone, the eyeball and eyelids.
spermatic fascia
dense fascia surrounding the spermatic cord and testes; internal to the tunica dartos; in layers corresponding to the layers of abdominal muscle; an internal layer adherent to the tunica vaginalis and an external layer adherent to the skin.
superficial fascia
1. a fascial sheet lying directly beneath the skin.
2. subcutaneous tissue.
thyrolaryngeal fascia
the fascia covering the thyroid gland and attached to the cricoid cartilage.
transverse fascia
that between the transversalis muscle and the peritoneum.