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The dried ripe seed of Strychnos ignatii (family Loganiaceae). It is similar in its properties to nux vomica and is a source of strychnine.
[St. Ignatius]


A homeopathic remedy prepared from the St Ignatius bean. It is used to treat extreme emotional tension not accompanied by the normal reactions of rage, bereavement and shock; it may also be used to treat hysteria, insomnia and mood swings, as well as tension headaches, sore throat and fever.


(ĭg-nā′shē-ă) [L.]
The seeds of a climbing plant native to the Philippine Islands, which contain about 3% strychnine and brucine.
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The patients were randomly divided into two groups to receive homoeopathically potentised Ignatia 30C or placebo.
The two accidents happened a few hundred metres apart on the Ignatia Highway, close to the town of Alexandria and between the cities of Thessaloniki and Veria, police officials said.
Organized by Inge Ignatia de Waard, and already running in its second week, MobiMOOC 2012 is divided into three weeks with each week covering different course topics related to mLearning.
There are fewer "usual suspects" than you might expect and an abundance of surprising figures: Mary Surratt, rushed to a dubious execution for conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln; novelist Walker Percy by historian Shelby Foote; Maria Shriver on Tim Russert; and Sister Mary Ignatia, the "angel of Alcoholics Anonymous" by AA cofounder "Bill W?
The planning and renovation of the Ignatia intake unit at Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota illustrates how an architect can translate a strategic plan into built reality.
Ignatia amara (ignatia) for nervous atony, where the patient is cold and especially when coldness of the extremities is a distressing feature of the menopause.
The individual remedies of Klimakt-Heel[R] include: Sanguinaria canadensis D3, Sepia succus D4, Sulphur D4, Ignatia amara D4, Cedron-simarumba ferroginea D4, Stannum metallicum D1 and Lachesis muta D12.
In 2006, the hospital dedicated the Sister Ignatia Heritage Center to preserve and honor the work of Sister Ignatia and those who followed in her footsteps in the treatment of substance abuse.
Some homeopathic remedies are coffee cruda (unroasted coffee) for nervous excitement, ignatia for those unable to sleep deeply, arsenicum album for a person suffering from anxiety and restlessness, and nux vomica to keep nightmares at bay and to promote quiet sleep.