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The dried ripe seed of Strychnos ignatii (family Loganiaceae). It is similar in its properties to nux vomica and is a source of strychnine.
[St. Ignatius]


A homeopathic remedy prepared from the St Ignatius bean. It is used to treat extreme emotional tension not accompanied by the normal reactions of rage, bereavement and shock; it may also be used to treat hysteria, insomnia and mood swings, as well as tension headaches, sore throat and fever.


(ĭg-nā′shē-ă) [L.]
The seeds of a climbing plant native to the Philippine Islands, which contain about 3% strychnine and brucine.
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Some have simply fallen out of popularity in favour of different herbs based on greater physiological understanding, while others such as Ignatia, Gelsemium, Aconitum, Cactus and Sanguinaria are now used preferentially in homeopathic potencies, in some cases their use in material doses having been scheduled.
El primer grupo en llegar a Chile estuvo integrado por las Madres Benedicta, Virginia, Bernardo e Ignatia.
Diciembre 2002-Enero 2003 TIPOS DE ACEPTACION MAT DE COCA 14 IGNATIA 10 TE RAPIA NEURAL 3 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
Some homeopathic remedies are coffee cruda (unroasted coffee) for nervous excitement, ignatia for those unable to sleep deeply, arsenicum album for a person suffering from anxiety and restlessness, and nux vomica to keep nightmares at bay and to promote quiet sleep.
Ignatia Amara: As if a nail were driven through the side of the head.
One nun, Mother Ignatia, referred to Vysoko-Petrovskii as the "desert in the capital.
Silica, belladonna and ignatia can also be beneficial.
Ignatia Amara 30C, one tablet every two hours has proven effective for anxiety and depression from suppressed grief, anger, or shock.
24) The twenty-four year old daughter of a Dublin physician, she was assigned to this challenging work by her Superior, Ignatia Hutchinson, either because she was perceived to be the sturdiest of the original group or, possibly, had some previous teaching experience.
Nun Ignatia Vicenza was trapped with her arm in the U-bend after her false teeth fell down the loo at a convent in Beja, Portugal.