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a mental impression or conception.
autochthonous idea a persistent idea, originating within the mind, usually from the unconscious, but seeming to have come from an outside source and often therefore felt to be of malevolent origin.
dominant idea one that controls or colors every action and thought.
fixed idea a persistent morbid impression or belief that cannot be changed by reason.
overvalued idea a false or exaggerated belief sustained beyond logic or reason but with less rigidity than a delusion, also often being less patently unbelievable.
idea of reference the incorrect idea that the words and actions of others refer to one's self, or the projection of the causes of one's own imaginary difficulties upon someone else.

fixed i·de·a

1. an exaggerated notion, belief, or delusion that persists, despite evidence to the contrary, and controls the mind;
2. the obstinate conviction of a psychotic person regarding the correctness of a delusion.

idée fixe

(e-da´ fēks) [Fr.] fixed idea.

idée fixe

idee fixe

Fixed idea Psychiatry An obsessive idea, delusion, or compulsion

i·dée fixe

(ē-dā' fēks)
French for fixed idea (q.v.).
[Fr. obsession]

idée fixe

A fixed idea or obsession, often delusional, and having a marked effect on behaviour.
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If we are convinced that Jones's belief is an idee fixe, then how will we explain it?
The image thus provokes in Janet's terms an idee fixe, for Eliot a likely association because he had met with the theory.
This idee fixe also vitiated her previous investigation(2) of these questions, which began with the same blatant built-in bias, thus: 'Everyone who reads the First Quarto of Hamlet notices .
It became an idee fixe that he stubbornly adhered to in spite of the plain evidence of the chongniu that obviously contradicts it, since it shows that the supposedly palatalized initial spellers occur in both Grade III and Grade IV.
Thus in Franz Kafka's The Metarmorphosis (1912) an overtaxed young family provider at the breaking point takes refuge in the mad idee fixe that he has become a bug--surely as stark an image as was ever drawn of the family as alienating and dehumanizing.
His idee fixe is that the Arabs must be prepared for statehood because a competing state will now surely come to pass in this land.
Part I: 1800" shows how naturally occurring units of meaning in oral language sounds derive their ultimate value from an idee fixe, namely the Mother/Woman/Nature equivalents.
Il fallait composer avec tous les locaux pour avoir une idee fixe sur leurs valeurs individuelle et collective autour de l'ossature titulaire, specialement l'axe central qui risque d'attendre longtemps pour se stabiliser malgre le nombre de postulants et titulaires de cette zone qui jouent toujours sur la meme ligne.
Yet it had been an idee fixe for years, my vision of a holiday so impeccably philistine it would reduce me to the condition of a vegetable, preferably one pickled in Dom Perignon.
Her only idee fixe is an unnamed married man whose attentions toward her increase until, by the book's end, they've planned a visit to London together.
Perhaps that's why Benedict was often invisible to global newspapers; a pope talking about t Christ may seem the ultimate in "dog bites man" stories, but it was nonetheless Benedict's clear idee fixe.
He has an idee fixe of redemptive love that was long ago defined at the movies by Claudia Cardinale.