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The cause of hypospadias is not known, it is presumed that affected foetus may secret inadequate quantities of testosterone or that there may be inadequate conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in target tissues of urogenital sinus and external genitalia.
Objective: To determine the frequency of urethrocutaneous fistula over a period of three months following snodgrass hypospadias repair for the treatment of distal penile hypospadias in children.
Patients and Methods All Patients with distal hypospadias presenting to the Urology Department Services Hospital, Pediatric Surgery, Services Hospital and Mayo Hospital Lahore were included in the study.
Population based nationwide study of hypospadias in Sweden, 1973 to 2009: Incidence and risk factors.
Statistically speaking, having a hypospadias means you're more likely to have these other things, too.
An understanding of the vascular anatomy of hypospadias, avoiding entry into the dorsal pedicle or the spongiosum ventrally will make for a haemostatic procedure with minimal blood loss.
Conclusions: Single penile incision for both hypospadias repair and correction of inguinal pathology is a feasible technique and comparable to the conventional approach, with similar surgical outcomes and shorter overall operative time.
It can be opted for patients of hypospadias with chordee as a single staged procedure when combined with urethroplasty.
With this approach, a child would no longer need to suffer from complications of the current treatment for hypospadias.
Studies using animal models of prenatal endocrine dysfunction have shown increased incidence rates for cryptorchidism, hypospadias, and low sperm quality following exposure to environmental compounds that may be acting through an anti-androgenic mode of action (Gray et al.
Globally, one out of every 200 male children born is prone to have hypospadias, a condition where the urethra doesn't open at the tip of the penis, but somewhere in the middle.
Methods: In this randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial, after obtaining informed consent from parents or legal guardians, 42 children undergoing surgical treatment of hypospadias were randomized in two groups to receive either IV dexamethasone 0.