Having an osmolality less than another fluid, ordinarily assumed to be plasma or extracellular fluid.
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Hyposmotic swelling (HOS) as a screening assay for testing in vitro fertility of bovine espermatozooa.
Sperm plasma membrane integrity of buffalo bull spermatozoa was assessed by hyposmotic swelling (HOS) assay (Ansari et al.
In FW teleosts, the release of spermatozoa into the hyposmotic external medium induces membrane hyperpolarization, which leads to a [K.
In freshwater teleost, sperm motility is induced mainly by hyposmotic pressure and by dilution of K+ seminal plasma concentration (ALAVI, 2006).
Comparison of Three Hyposmotic Solutions to Evaluate the Integrity of Plasmatic Sperm Membrane in Cryopreserved and Thawed Bull Semen
Determination of membrane reserve of Periplaneta americana and Blaberus craniifer's hemocytes and study of hyposmotic load's influence on cell volume.
Hemolymph osmolarity of the organisms was hyposmotic as the salinity was reduced form 40[per thousand] to 33[per thousand], hyperosmotic during the 25[per thousand] to 16[per thousand] interval and hyposmotic as the salinity increased from 25[per thousand] to 40[per thousand].
Semen was collected twice a week and analyzed for semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility, dead sperm percentage and hyposmotic swelling test (membrane integrity).