Diminished hematologic levels of fat.
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The presence of anti-LDL antibodies has been associated in majority of the cases with hyperlipidemia, but also with hypolipidemia.
At therapeutic doses, it has been associated with hyperglycemia, and at high doses, it can produce hypolipidemia (Dang et al.
Although elevated levels of lipid profile in the circulation could give rise to hyperlipidemia and possibly other metabolic disorders, (26) the excessive lowering of lipid concentrations in the blood, hypolipidemia, might also contribute to several adverse effects.
Exome sequencing, ANGPTL3 mutations, mutations, and familial combined hypolipidemia.
In alloxan diabetic rabbits, administration of garlic extract has been shown to lead to hypoglycemia and hypolipidemia (Sher et al.
The well-documented therapeutic uses of fenugreek are its activity against hypoglycemia and hypolipidemia (28-30).
It exerts a diverse array of biological effects, including cardiovascular regulation, antioxidation, modulation of ion transport, membrane stabilization, osmoregulation, modulation of neurotransmission, bile acid conjugation, hypolipidemia, antiplatelet activity and modulation of fetal development.
17) The biphasic nature of Triton WR-1339 induced hyperlipidemia is helpful in understanding the mode of action of hypolipidemia agents.
Relationship of Hypolipidemia to Cytokine Concentrations and Outcomes in Critically III Surgical Patients.