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Hypokalaemic Periodic Paralysis-A Prospective Study of the Underlying Etiologies.
11] In hypokalaemic patients, the average time required for the serum potassium to be normal was 1.
Gitelman's variant of Bartter's syndrome, inherited hypokalaemic alkalosis, is caused by mutations in the thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporter," Nature Genetics, vol.
A case of thyrotoxic hypokalaemic periodic paralysis in a Greek man.
For hypokalaemic motor paralysis, patient was treated with 40 mEq potassium chloride infusion in 500 ml of N/S.
Gitelman's and Bartterr's syndrome patients are usually normotensive, hypokalaemic, ,hypocalciuric and have metabolic alkalosis and raised plasma renin and aldosterone levels while our patient was initially hypertensive and had low plasma renin and low plasma aldosterone levels9
A continuacion se presenta un caso procedente de Floridablanca (Santander, Colombia) y una revision bibliografica realizada a traves de la base de datos Pubmed con las palabras clave: Thyrotoxic, hypokalaemic, periodicparalysis.
Thyrotoxic Hypokalaemic Periodic Paralysis (TPP) in Turkey: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature-Review.
This genetic disease--also known as Familial Episodic Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy--is characterized by skeletal muscle weakness, which is episodic in nature and can either impact the animal's entire body or may be localized to the neck or limb muscles.
Potential mechanisms of rhabdomyolysis in hypokalaemic states are microvascular ischaemia and glycogen deficiency which may act alone or together.
The pathogenesis of hypokalaemic periodic paralysis in certain populations with thyrotoxicosis is unclear.
Interestingly, 3 patients were hypokalaemic on admission; the patient with the lowest K level (2.