hypertrichosis lanuginosa

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hypertrichosis lanugino´sa persistent or acquired production of lanugo. It may be a congenital, autosomal dominant disorder in which there is excessive hair distributed over the entire body throughout life, usually in association with other congenital anomalies; or it may be acquired, with the degree of hairiness being variable, usually involving the face, and in most cases associated with internal carcinoma.

hy·per·tri·cho·sis la·nu·gi·no·'sa

excessive growth of lanugo hair associated with internal malignancy.


An extremely rare (less 100 cases reported worldwide) excess of hair on the body, which can be generalised or localised, congenital or acquired.

• Hypertrichosis lanuginosa, possibly due to an autosomal dominant mutation on 8q;
• Generalised hypertrichosis, due to an autosomal dominant mutation on chromosome x24-q27.1;
• Terminal hypertrichosis, possibly linked to a mutation in MAP2K6 on chromosome 17;
• Circumscribed hypertrichosis;
• Localised hypertrichosis;
• Nevoid hypertrichosis.

• Hypertrichosis lanuginosa, linked to cancer, endocrinopathies and therapeutic drugs;
• Generalised hypertrichosis;
• Patterned hypertrichosis;
• Localised hypertrichosis.
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