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Of, relating to, or affected with hyperthyroidism.


Having too much thyroxin stimulation.
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Patient discussion about hyperthyroid

Q. I had my blood test as I was feeling dizzy and my heart rate was raised & I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I had my blood test as I was feeling dizzy and my heart rate was raised & I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It had just started when I was taking herbs for depression and anxiety. I am not taking herbs now and still feeling dizzy. Has anyone had any problem with Chinese herbs?

A. My mom had hyperthyroidism, but not with herbs. Until she told the exact things to the doctor, her treatment was difficult and once she revealed the medicine history to the doctor she was very well treated. Similarly I expect from you to tell your doctor about the herbs you are taking and you must tell this to your Chinese medicine practitioner as well. There are chances that you may have high level of thyroid and these herbs just boosted them or increased them as Chinese medicine do not have high side effects. Please open to your doctor during investigation and treatment.

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If both were abnormal, they were classified as either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.
Age Group and TSH Value Age Group Normal Hyperthyroid Hypothyroid Total 0-5 21 0 1 (4.
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Conclusion: Frequency of RLN injury was almost 5% as whole in thyroid surgery but rate was more in complicated cases like thyroid carcinoma, recurrent goiter and hyperthyroid goiter because of altered anatomy.
In the reviewed literature it seems that the hyperthyroid symptoms dominate (diarrhea, weight loss and tachycardia) as these symptoms tend to be more acute.
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6%) presented with overt hyperthyroidism out of total hyperthyroid patients.
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