hypertensive agents

hypertensive agents,

n.pl the agents that reduce or control blood pressure.
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Results of Efficacy Outcome Measures Labetalol Nicardipine Hydralazine Parameter (N = 25) (N = 3) (N = 1) Median time to BP control 10 (2-90) 22 (10-30) 15 in minutes (range) Median door-to-needle time 74 (39-218) 91 (75-112) 34 in minutes (range) Door-to-needle time 40 0 100 [less than or equal to] 60 minutes (%) Mean initial dose 12 mg 5 mg/hr 5 mg administered Mean total dose required 19 mg N/A 5 mg Use of alternative anti 12 0 100 hypertensive agents (%) Note.
ACE inhibitors reduce the degree of progression of this condition better than other hypertensive agents, due to which this segment is anticipated to rise substantially in the coming years.
ARBs have not been around as long as some of our more tried-and-true drugs" and thus have had fewer trials as initial hypertensive agents and fewer people in those trials develop coronary heart disease, said Dr.
10] Veterans Administration Cooperative Study Group on Hypertensive Agents.
9 The World Market for Other Hypertensive Agents, 2006-2023

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