hypertensive agents

hypertensive agents,

n.pl the agents that reduce or control blood pressure.
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Alagebrium's effect was persistent in the presence of increasing numbers of background medicines, supporting the hypothesis that alagebrium works best in patients with more serious baseline hypertension via a mechanism of action unlike existing anti- hypertensive agents.
In contrast to other hypertensive agents, SPP100 lowers renin enzyme activity in the bloodstream, so it may have the potential to better protect against heart attacks (myocardial infarction) and kidney disease.
These findings validate the concept of using nitric oxide-donation to augment the efficacy of existing anti- hypertensive agents.
It may be used alone or in combination with other anti- hypertensive agents.
Spironolactone was introduced in 1959 as a diuretic for treatment of high blood pressure, but other hypertensive agents have supplanted it.
9 The World Market for Other Hypertensive Agents, 2006-2023
Results of Efficacy Outcome Measures Labetalol Nicardipine Hydralazine Parameter (N = 25) (N = 3) (N = 1) Median time to BP control 10 (2-90) 22 (10-30) 15 in minutes (range) Median door-to-needle time 74 (39-218) 91 (75-112) 34 in minutes (range) Door-to-needle time 40 0 100 [less than or equal to] 60 minutes (%) Mean initial dose 12 mg 5 mg/hr 5 mg administered Mean total dose required 19 mg N/A 5 mg Use of alternative anti 12 0 100 hypertensive agents (%) Note.
ARBs have not been around as long as some of our more tried-and-true drugs" and thus have had fewer trials as initial hypertensive agents and fewer people in those trials develop coronary heart disease, said Dr.
Cleviprex is a novel, investigational drug rationally designed to meet the needs of the acute care practitioner for an intravenous hypertensive agent.