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adj. Slang
1. Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung.
2. Emotionally stimulated or overexcited.

Patient discussion about hyper

Q. My son who is 4yrs old is so hyper-active. How do I find out if my son has ADHD or ADD? My son who is 4yrs old is so hyper-active that he climbs on everything and jumps off everything to. I cannot prevent that. I have also punished him. He cries for a split moment and then he just goes back to doing the same thing. I've tried every type of punishment that I could think of. I'm afraid of him. What can I do? How do I find out if my son has ADHD or ADD?

A. I agree complete physical and psycho analysis to rule out any underlying cause. But young children often act out characters; you could ask him why he's doing this and give plenty of proper oportunities to do so. Example when he climbs on and jumps off the furniture ask him what he is doing. He may be pretending to be something or someone. If so ask him where "so and So" does their jumping and ask or remind him what the funiture is for. explain how to properly use it have him demonstrate. Example: " What is a chair for or how do we use a chair? (sitting) "Where" (on the seat, child may touch the seat and answer here) "show me how" (child sits on seat of chair). Praise the positive behavior smiling and then suggest that he can play "so an So" somewhere else at another time: for instance if possible take him out to the playground or in a safe area lie a firm suitcase or other boxlike item on its side, cover with a soft quilt and supervise his c

Q. My 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD and he is more hyperactive than attention seeking. My 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD and he is more hyperactive than attention seeking. We are planning for alternative treatment now and then we would try for medicine. I've heard about increasing on Omega-3 -fish oil, but is there anything else out there that is safe enough to try?

A. Many are there, which I have tried for my son from 4 years. First and the foremost is the diet which I think you know. Behavioral and Cognitive therapies can be tried as it’s very effective. You can try a chiropractor and as well calming techniques. Try them……they are helpful.

Q. I’m a family man; my five year old daughter used to be more hyperactive. I need help. I’m a family man; my five year old daughter used to be more hyperactive and so I took her to our doctor and he diagnosed her with ADHD. My wife and I like to choose a good medication route for her. But we don’t know which is safe enough to try? I need help.

A. Dear, there are a number of treatments available for ADHD. ADHD is a condition where a child or adult can not stay focused on something, but I am curious to know a lot about the circumstances of your child. I would strongly recommend you to consult a "therapist" or coach specialized in ADHD and child development.

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For the past two seasons Creative Hype headgear has been deployed at Twickenham during the Six Nations, autumn test matches and London Sevens," he adds.
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The Hype Cycle Special Report is updated annually to track technologies along this cycle and provide guidance on when and where organisations should adopt them for maximum impact and value and according to Gartner, the "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies" report is the longest-running annual Hype Cycle, providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies and trends that IT managers should consider in developing emerging-technology portfolios.
The Gartner Hype Cycles are reports that provide information and advice including a graphical way to track multiple technologies within an IT domain or technology portfolio.
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