hyoid apparatus

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hy·oid ap·pa·ra·tus

veterinary anatomy term for hyoid bones, a modified portion of the ancestral branchial skeleton consisting of an articulated chain of bones extending from the mastoid region of the cranium on each side to the base of the tongue; in humans, it is reduced to a single bone, os hyoideum; in a typical mammal (the dog), it consists of a tympanohyoid cartilage attached to the cranium, followed by the stylohyoid, epihyoid, keratohyoid, basihyoid, and thyrohyoid bones.
Synonym(s): apparatus hyoideus


1. shaped like Greek letter upsilon (υ).
2. pertaining to the hyoid bone.

hyoid apparatus
the suspensory mechanism for the tongue and larynx. Consists of the single basihyoid, and the paired thyrohyoid, ceratohyoid, epihyoid and stylohyoid bones and the tympanohyoid cartilages.
hyoid bone
one or more of the bones of the hyoid apparatus, fused in some species (e.g. human) to form a horseshoe-shaped bone situated at the base of the tongue, just below the thyroid cartilage. See also Table 10.
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In the present case, complete surgical excision was deemed not possible because of the incorporation of the hyoid apparatus.
Finite element analysis of the hyoid apparatus was performed using the commercial code, ABAQUS-Explicit.
Microstructure and Model Development of the Hyoid Apparatus
The microstructure of the hyoid apparatus is shown in Fig.
This bandage compressed the distended intermandibular sublingual tissue and reduced the hyoid apparatus into normal position, while still allowing the bird to open its beak because of the elasticity of the Vetrap bandage.
Differential diagnoses considered for the observed submandibular lingual entrapment were a skeletal abnormality of the hyoid apparatus (including luxation or fracture) or a muscular or a neurologic dysfunction.
7 mg/kg IM), revealing soft-tissue distension in the intermandibular sublingual region with ventral displacement of the hyoid apparatus (Fig 2).