hygienist, dental

hygienist, dental,

n a licensed dental professional who specializes in preventative care. Professional prophylaxis, radiographs, sealants, and nonsurgical periodontal therapy are among the procedures performed by a hygienist. Most are licensed to administer local anesthesia, depending on applicable regulations in their area. They usually work for a dentist in a dental office or clinic under a form of supervision. In some locations hygienists are allowed to practice without a dentist's supervision.
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Happy Teeth Natural Baby Toothpaste has been featured in Drug Store News, Modern Hygienist, Dental Products Report, and The Pacific Punch.
The CDHC, who differs significantly from the model which was proposed by the American Dental Association, would be a dental hygienist, dental assistant or other trained person who completed training approved by the board to provide preventive, educational and limited palliative procedures under general supervision in settings other than the dental office.
Success will be assured if the patient has already demonstrated trust by allowing the dental hygienist, dental assistant or dentist to brush teeth without resistance before scheduling chair time.
125,000 to expand its dental services at its 11th Street Family Health Services clinic in North Philadelphia with the addition of a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant and equipment.