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A natural mineral structure that the crystal lattice of bones and teeth (that is, amorphous hydroxyapatite) closely resembles; used in chromatography of nucleic acids; also found in pathologic calcifications (for example, atherosclerotic aortas).
Synonym(s): hydroxylapatite


/hy·drox·yl·ap·a·tite/ (hi-drok″sil-ap´ah-tīt) hydroxyapatite.


, hydroxylapatite (hī-drok″sē-ap′ă-tīt″) (″sĭ-lap′ă-tīt″) [ hydro- + ²oxy- + apatite ]
Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2; the calcium- and phosphorus-containing compound that constitutes the bulk of the mineral structure of bones and teeth. In teeth it is soluble in the acids of soft drinks or carbohydrate fermentation, but it becomes decay-resistant fluoroapatite after combining with fluoride ions present in fluoridated water or fluoride toothpastes. Under some circumstances, it can deposit in and around joints, producing periarthritis or calcific tendinitis.
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Radiesse, composed of calcium hydroxylapatite, is generally injected deeper and used to fill even deeper furrows than Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus can fill Rosen says this product can also be used to replace the volume deficit in the cheekbone area that results from normal age-related bone and fat loss.
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The use of adjectival prefixes for anions is to be preferred instead of modified Levinson suffixes; accordingly, six minerals should be renamed as follows: apatite-(CaF) to fluorapatite, apatite-(CaOH) to hydroxylapatite, apatite-(CaCl) to chlorapatite, ellestadite-(F) to fluorellestadite, ellestadite-(OH) to hydroxylellestadite, phosphohedyphane-(F) to fluorphospho-hedyphane.
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