hydroxyl group

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hydroxyl group (hī·drkˑ·sl grōōpˑ),

n the functional group (—OH) found in molecules of alcohols and water.
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With the strong hydrogen bonding between the hydroxyl groups, pure PVA shows a very high [T.
2+] needs only two hydroxyl groups for coordination (21), (22).
Because of the difference in the various electron-donating groups, however, the electron distribution of the phenolic hydroxyl group bonding with them is bound to be different.
The polymerization of BECy can be catalyzed by (41-44): (1) trace amount of phenol in the monomer; (2) the surface hydroxyl group and physically adsorbed water; and (3) Lewis acidic catalyzing species, including metal ions, such as [Co.
The average number of hydroxyl groups in the initiator that participate in the polymerization process was calculated by comparing the theoretical chain length with the chain length calculated by NMR, as shown in Eq.
The aim in this article is to analyse the three cyclodextrins by using near infrared spectroscopy and gravimetry to reveal the nature of the hydroxyl groups in the molecules.
When the films are cured with PIH, some hydroxyl group of PUA may be consumed by PIH, and some hydrophilic groups may be shielded by the covalently crosslinked networks, resulting in the reduction of their surface wettability.
We later found that the presence of a hydroxyl group at C-19 seemed to increase the inhibitory potential of the alpha-form hydroxyl group at the C-3 position of ursane-type triterpenoids on the osteoclastogenesis effect (Fig.
Phenolic hydroxyl group of unmodified and biomodified organosolv lignin.
Function-structure analysis indicated 1) flavonoids with more free phenolic hydroxyl groups showed relative higher antiplatelet and antiradical activities; 2) substitution of 7-OH of A ring affected antiplatelet capacities of flavanones apparently; 3) free 3-OH of C ring was important for both the antiplatelet and antiradical activities of flavonol (quercetin) and flavones (rutin isoquercitrin); 4) C ring C2-C3 double bond and B ring 3'-4'orthodihydroxy might be important for its antiradical function.
They claimed that the hydroxyl group acts as the catalyst for polymerization of B-z[(OH).
This is the hydroxyl group of ring A located at C5 position, which can interact with the acceptor carbonyl group of ring B at C4 position.