A chemical compound, also called vitamin B12a, which is the immediate precursor to cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in the body and that has also been investigated as an antidote in cyanide poisoning, although it is not currently approved for such use in the U.S.
See also: amyl nitrite, sodium nitrite, sodium thiosulfate
Synonym(s): hydroxocobalamin.

hydroxocobalamin, hydroxycobalamin

an analog of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) having exceptionally long-acting hematopoietic activity. Called also vitamin B12b.
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Super B contains Hydroxycobalamin, a naturally occurring version of vitamin B12 that assists in promoting heart health, improving cognitive function, and stimulating use of fat and carbohydrates in the body for energy.
13) This disorder is treated with infusion of hydroxycobalamin.
Current POM injectable versions available with a UK product licence are; Hydroxycobalamin 1mg/ ml in 1 ml ampoules and Cyanocobalamin 1mg/ml in 1 ml ampoules.
Hydrogen peroxide was rapidly produced by combination of 25 [micro]M hydroxycobalamin and 500 [micro]M ascorbic acid added to cell-free culture medium (containing nutrients including an iron salt).
The red color was due to hydroxycobalamin (Cyanokit[R]), prescribed for cyanide poisoning, and not hemoglobin (1).
Vitamin B12 is available as natural cyanocobalamin and its analogue hydroxycobalamin injections.
A) Intramuscular hydroxycobalamin 1,000-mcg load daily for 1 week, then 1,000 meg monthly.
3]- [less than or equal to]15 mmol/l Empirical Carnitine 100 mg/kg/day Some disorders may administration of IV/O Hydroxycobalamin respond dramatically metabolic (vit [B.
Current treatments include protein-restricted high-energy diets, hydroxycobalamin injections, oral L-carnitine administration, and peritoneal dialysis.
Injection Anistamin (a) (Chlorphenaramine maleate 10 mg/ml), Feritas (a) (Iron Sorbitol 50 mg + Folic acid 500 mcg + Hydroxycobalamin Acetate 50 mcg/ml), Stronic (b) (Thiamine hydrochloride) were administered @ 10 ml SID for 5 days.
After supplementation with 3 mg of hydroxycobalamin IM twice per week with 5 mg of folinic acid orally daily, she was transformed.
Previous studies have shown that some patients given cyano--or hydroxycobalamin have developed antibodies to TC, leading to markedly increased serum TC and vitamin [B.