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an analogue of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) having exceptionally long-acting hematopoietic activity; used in the treatment of pernicious anemia and other macrocytic anemias.


Vitamin B12b, differing from cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in the presence of a hydroxyl ion in place of the cyanide ion at the sixth coordinate position on the cobalt atom.
See also: vitamin B12.
Synonym(s): hydroxocobemine


/hy·droxo·co·bal·a·min/ (hi-drok″so-ko-bal´ah-min) a hydroxyl-substituted cobalamin derivative, the naturally occurring form of vitamin B12 and sometimes used as a source of that vitamin.


A chemical compound, also called vitamin B12a, which is the immediate precursor to cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in the body and that has also been investigated as an antidote in cyanide poisoning, although it is not currently approved for such use in the U.S.
See also: amyl nitrite, sodium nitrite, sodium thiosulfate
Synonym(s): hydroxocobalamin.


Vitamin B12. This is the specific treatment for PERNICIOUS ANAEMIA and is highly effective unless neurological damage has already occurred. The drug is on the WHO official list. Brand names are Cobalin-H and Neo-Cytamen.

hydroxocobalamin, hydroxycobalamin

an analog of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) having exceptionally long-acting hematopoietic activity. Called also vitamin B12b.
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Agents that lower NF-[kappa]B via Nrf2-independent ways, nutrients that are health promoting in other ways, such as B vitamins and vitamin C, magnesium, and some trace elements are likely to be useful, as are agents such as high doses of the hydroxocobalamin form of B12, which lowers peroxynitrite by lowering its two precursors.
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The effects of these agents on human pregnancy also are unknown, as are the effects of high-dose hydroxocobalamin, an analogue of vitamin [B.
While there is no antidote for hydrogen disulfide poisoning, cyanide poisoning can be treated with hydroxocobalamin.
The new presentation contains the initial antidote dose of 5 g hydroxocobalamin in a single vial.
First responders will also learn about the Cyanokit or Hydroxocobalamin, an effective and safe antidote for acute cyanide poisoning from fire smoke.
The major forms are hydroxocobalamin or aquocobalamin (OHCbl) and the 2 coenzyme forms of Cbl, 5'-deoxyadenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl) and methylcobalamin (MeCbl) (1, 13).
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The active ingredient is hydroxocobalamin, which forms a strong bond with cyanide, converting it to vitamin B12, which can then be safely excreted from the body.