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We observed 19 obstructive LUT lesions, of which 18 were urolithiasis and one hydroureter resulting from urolithiasis.
The retrograde pyelogram did not demonstrate any filling defects or any evidence of the hydroureter (Figure 2).
Presence of TCC exophytic lesion toward the ureteric lumen resulted in ureteric obstruction manifested by development of back pressure in the form of hydroureter and hydronephrosis with superimposed infection and complicated by pictures of chronic pyelonephritis and chronic gromerulonephritis that ended by development of chronic gromerulonephritis manifested both in laboratory and clinically.
Significant upper urinary tract obstruction (kidneys and ureters) with hydronephrosis and hydroureter is seen in chronic infections.
The existence of hydroureter can be independent of the hydronephrosis as well as coexistent and is immediately proximal to the point of the ureteric calculus.
Urological investigations performed before the patient's admission to our clinic included urinary system ultrasonography, an abdominal CT scan, a radionuclide scan and a voiding cystography; these tests revealed thoracic kyphoscoliosis, a non-visualized left kidney, cross ectopy of the right kidney, a convoluted hydroureter, vesicoureteral reflux and radiological findings consistent with neurogenic bladder dysfunction (Figure 2a, b).
Pathogenesis of ethanol-induced hydronephrosis and hydroureter as demonstrated following in vivo exposure of mouse embryos.
There was right hydronephrosis and hydroureter due to compression from the expanded psoas muscle and haematoma.
Though a scan can't give any data on kidney function, it can help diagnose hydronephrosis, hydroureter, and perinephric stranding--all of which are secondary signs of stones, she said.
9 g/kg) on the PD9 provoked anomalies on the mouse urinary tract, mainly hydronephrosis and hydroureter, in 40,7% of the fetuses.
A radiologist and a urologist independently reviewed all CT scans for predefined criteria of ureteral obstruction (no obstruction, partial, or complete obstruction) based on degree of hydronephrosis, hydroureter, nephromegaly, and perinephric stranding.