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pertaining to the temperature effects of water, as in hot baths.


Relating to hot water.
[hydro- + G. thermē, heat]

hydrothermal, hydrothermic

relating to the temperature effects of water, as in hot baths.
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The whole-rock composition of the topaz-albite granites and their hydrothermally altered equivalents was determined for 52 samples (Table 1).
Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the FTIR spectra of lime/silica mixture hydrothermally treated at 110-150[degrees]C for 2-5 hours.
6 m): Black, ungraded, scoriaceous bomb-bearing lapilli (without ash) with rare pumiceous andesite (< 1%) and few (1-4%) hydrothermally altered lapilli.
The spatial distributions of hydrothermally altered zones show following fractal dimension values: (D) for argillic (D = 1.
El Clavo comprises rhyolite dykes and breccias emplaced into a sequence of hydrothermally altered tuffs.
It is similar to the lower debris avalanche deposit, although its surface is less chaotic and hummocky and have a distinctive yellowish-orange hydrothermally altered matrix, and Thouret et al (1990) proposed a volume of about 0.
C, 2003, Mapping hydrothermally altered rocks at Cuprite, Nevada, using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) a new satellite imaging system" V.
The areas are almost completely covered by pyroclastic deposits and residual soils, but some outcrops along roadways have exposed hydrothermally altered rocks.
London, Oct 12 (ANI): A Planetary Science Institute researcher has said that a new discovery of hydrothermally altered carbonate-bearing rocks on Mars points toward habitable environments deep in the Martian crust.
Some specific topics include the effect of flat and pattern surface texturing on light extraction of GaN flip-chip light-emitting diodes, annealing effects with ZnO/NiSi contact, and hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods as cell adhesion control coatings for implant devices.
112-square-kilometer) area that is hydrothermally active in some parts and quiescent in others.
Current drilling has discovered a significant hydrothermally altered breccia with primary copper mineralisation in the Carrizo area and confirmed a near-surface oxidized copper mineralisation in no less than three separate target areas in the Sapo area.