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pertaining to the temperature effects of water, as in hot baths.


Relating to hot water.
[hydro- + G. thermē, heat]

hydrothermal, hydrothermic

relating to the temperature effects of water, as in hot baths.
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The combination of volcanoes and standing water that led to hydrothermal conditions on Earth at around the same time is a likely candidate for where and how life began on our planet, but since Earth has an active crust that changes over time, any direct geological evidence from billions of years ago is now lost.
Ancient, deep-water hydrothermal deposits in Eridania basin represent a new category of astrobiological target on Mars," the report states.
During surgery, an improper seal to the cervix around the hydrothermal ablation sheath was detected before heating the fluid.
There are two techniques with excellent characteristics such as centrifugation method and hydrothermal treatment.
He joined experts in Yellowstone volcanology and geology with scientists who study deep-sea hydrothermal systems for the Hydrothermal Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake project.
While hot oceans would have been largely inhospitable, de Wit says that hydrothermal fields in a cool ocean would have provided a nurturing environment, just as scientists see today around deep ocean hydrothermal vents.
A Parr instrument set was used to simulate hydrothermal P-T conditions.
This suggests that the nervous systems of the scale-worms might possess tolerance mechanisms against the toxic hydrothermal vent environments, as a unique tetra-domain hemoglobin has been found in a vent endemic scale-worm (Projecto-Garcia et al, 2010).
They are the first clear indication of hydrothermal activity, which involves seawater infiltrating and reacting with rock to emerge as a heated, mineral-laden solution.
It then succeeded in developing a new type of zirconia that has both higher flexural strength and fracture toughness and, when exposed to hydrothermal condition, its crystal structure does not change to a monoclinic phase, a common cause of compromised strength.
They also gained insight on the origins of carbonate hydrothermal areas, and made successful attempts to explore for sulfide, said the SOA.
Summary: BWA Water Additives' Dr Colin Hogan will present a technical paper entitled, 'Improved Scale Control, Hydrothermal and Environmental Properties with New Maleic Polymer Chemistry Suitable for Downhole and Topside Applications,' at the Chemistry in the Oil Industry XIII Conference to be held in Manchester from November 4 -- 6, 2013.