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Relating to hydropathy.
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Analysis of the hydrophobicity of this mutation site showed minimal influence on hydropathic characters.
West Kirby's New Hydropathic Hotel (35 minutes from Liverpool) was offering health treatments including a salt water plunge, massage and medical gymnastics.
Hydropathic pathway to health: Women and water-cure in antebellum America.
Established in comfortable seclusion at Down, he tended his chronically precarious health, kept in touch with a large and far-flung circle of scientific colleagues, paced contemplatively around his beloved Sandwalk (a landscape garden equivalent to a monastery's cloisters), welcomed visitors, ventured forth to London exhibits and lectures or to valetudinarian stints at hydropathic spas--and produced a staggering array of scientific studies.
It begins, "The year the Hydro Majestic Hotel failed as a hydropathic institute Harry Kitchings fell in love with the air and stayed.
By the 1850s there were some 27 hydropathic sanitariums in America.
Take Russell Trall, the founder of the New York Hydropathic and Physiological School, who proclaimed the virtues of hydropathy--the famed "water cure," which involved steam-induced sweats or plunges into ice water, or both--and whose staff boasted a professor of medical gymnastics.
His father was formerly golf professional with both the Bridge of Allan and Saltcoats golf clubs, and in early 1918 was employed at Dunblane Hydropathic to look after its golf course.
It was founded by his great-greatgrand-uncle Thomas h Meikle as The Strathearn hydropathic establishment Company in 1868 and is now Scotland's oldest trading registered company.
It happened to be virtually unoccupied after the failure of the Pine Dell Hydropathic Baths and Moseley Botanic Gardens which used the premises at the turn of the century.
Thus Crieff Hydro (or the Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Company) opened its doors in 1868.
Back in 1881, it was known as the Peebles Hydropathic Company and its "water cures" were the answer to all manner of ills.