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Finally, 2 mol*L-1 as the optimum condition of hydrogen ion concentration was chosen according to the principles above and the experimental data from Fig.
Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) values (Table 5) slightly increased more in the Kilishi stored in the refrigerator than Kilishi stored at ambient temperature probably due to protein degrading microorganisms such as Pseudomonas that predominates at low temperature.
The optimum conditions were established with total volume of 100 mL, temperature of 370, stirring rate of 400 rpm, hydrogen ion concentration of 1.
To studying the effect of pH, the King's B agar medium was amendment with varying hydrogen ion concentrations (pH) ranging from 3 to 14.
Future experiments are planned in which specific pharmacological agents will be used to determine which transporter or transporters may be involved in the glutamate-induced changes in extracellular hydrogen ion concentrations.