hydrodiffusion (hīˈ·drō·di·fyōōˑ·zhˈn),

n a method of extracting essential oils in which steam at atmospheric pressure is passed through the plant material from the top of the extraction chamber, thus resulting in oils that retain the original aroma of the plant; process is less harsh than steam distillations is. See also steam distillation.
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Hydrodistillation involves three main steps, hydrodiffusion, hydrolysis, and thermal decomposition, with the risk being represented by the decay of thermolabile substances [54, 56].
Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity, a new technique for extraction of essential oils.
The genus Mentha is the most important in the Labiatae family because of the various essential oils that can be isolated through hydrodistillatioin, water and steam distillation, hydrodiffusion, and expression (cold processing) and that have high economic value, including corn mint (the source of natural menthol), peppermint, Scotch spearmint, and Native spearmint.