hydrate crystal

hy·drate crys·tal

one of several possible microstructural arrangements of water molecules based on intermolecular forces; suggested as being involved in the mode of action of inhalation anesthetics.
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Qualification system with call for competition: Delivery of chemicals - sodium hydroxide; sulfuric acid; hydrochloric acid; hydrazine hydrate; iron trichloride - hydrate crystal and liquid solution 30%, chemicals for chemical laboratories, ion exchange resins, citric acid (calcium oxide), slaked lime, stabilizers, inhibitors and biocides for cooling circulation system.
Two types of TBAB hydrate crystal exist: type A with a prism shape and 193 kJ/kg (101.
There are two types of clathrate hydrate crystal, type A and type 13, produced from the TBAB aqueous solution of the initial concentration equal to 30.
Methane Hydrate Crystal Mining -- Geologists have discovered frozen natural gas crystal deposits on the ocean bottom.
If the cluster is big enough and remains clustered long enough, it rearranges into a low-energy, highly ordered solid state called a hydrate crystal.
These delay hydrate crystal nucleation in water passing through a pipe even while the fluids are at high pressure and at temperatures far below the natural hydrate formation temperature.
When the seabed water temperature falls, hydrate crystals can form in the pipeline and these could restrict the flow of gas and may seriously damage the pipelines.
2] hydrate crystals can be decomposed to regenerate C[O.
The hydrate crystals have complex, three dimensional structures in which the water molecules form a cage and the guest molecules are entrapped in the cages.
When ice-like methane hydrate crystals formed inside the massive 100-ton box, forcing its removal, plans were made to install a much smaller two-ton box called a top hat.
They include a shifting of the structure in the energy industry, hybrid vehicles, smart energy management systems, fuel cells, and mining methane hydrate crystals.