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The oscillation of a controlled variable, such as the temperature of a thermostat, around its set point. See: hunting reaction.
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In the Stephen Corrigan Memorial Cup semi-finals The Georgies beat Hunting Lodge 5-2 after extra time when a Joe Peers hat-trick was allied to a Connor McGlynn double.
However, if you're looking for a more comfortable experience while hunting during the coldest time of the year, Mississippi is fortunate that several hunting lodges are available.
A hunting lodge wouldn't be complete without a stag, of course, and the Mr Stag cushion provides a witty nod to an old tradition.
One Christmas in the mid-60s, the Prince and his wife were invited to spend Christmas with their friends Lord and Lady Brooke at the castle's hunting lodge.
The little boy's funeral took place last week, with a reception for friends and family in the town's Hunting Lodge hotel.
Speaking to the AA, Director of the Culture and Tourism Department in Kars, Hakan Doganay, said that the hunting lodge in Sarikamis was constructed in a Baltic style.
RARE RECOGNITION: Annie McKay and John Marchant outside their cottage which was once a royal hunting lodge, dating from 1402
The aim is to restore the hunting lodge to its former glory as a base for outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking.
FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy and his new wife, model and singer Carla Bruni, spent their wedding night in a former hunting lodge near the palace at Versailles, news reports said yesterday.
I had called the place we were going to stay at -- a hunting lodge and it was the last night of the season -- and said, 'Would you notify our relatives if we don't arrive or come and get us?
And nobody does afternoon tea like Margaret Vaughan at the 13th-century King John's Hunting Lodge.
The discrepancies between what industry perceives and what visitors want may be evident to some, but for fishing and hunting lodge owners, who make up 88 per cent of the 150 respondents participating in the industry survey, the two reports are like trying to compare "apples to oranges," Greaves says.