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hun (hōōn),

n in Chinese medicine, one of the five spirits. Hun, stored in the liver, is often translated as ethereal soul and is said to complement shen through inspiration, insight, and courage and is further associated with planning and direction, sleep, and dreaming. See also five spirits and shen.
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Political analyst Ou Virak, meanwhile, said 'the potential lack of legitimacy is risky', and added that Hun Sen might grant a last minute concession 'if that would guarantee two things: the CPP will win and there's legitimacy in the outcome'.
Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen (Reuters | Manila Bulletin)
Debate exists as to whether in its present and limited form this tribunal has played a worthwhile role, but there is no room for debate over the fact that it exists in its present form because Hun Sen was determined that there should be no full-scale effort to prosecute those who committed crimes against humanity during the Khmer Rouge regime.
Cambodia remains trapped in political row after the election results in July last year showed that Hun Sen's party won 68 parliamentary seats and the opposition, led by Sam Rainsy, got the remaining 55 seats.
Hun Sen is struggling to deal with growing opposition to his rule and grievances from the public on labor rights and governance at a time when Cambodia is at a critical political and economic crossroads.
Then, suddenly, my setter and his Brittany went on point, and when Chuck walked up to investigate, he saw Hun tracks in the snow.
Independent analyst Lao Mong Hay said Hun Sen will have to drastically change his own style in order to "address the people's grievances and meet their new aspirations as expressed through their votes and protests.
Hun Sen added central Kompong Thom Province has been hardest hit by waters from the rain-swollen upper Mekong River.
It is fitting that Hun Technology will be the next tenant to move in and write the next chapter in computer history," says Ledniczky.
Ar ol cyflawni Diploma Cenedlaethol, graddiodd Zoe gyda gradd mewn Rheolaeth Amgylcheddol Forol a'i hysbrydolodd i hyrwyddo iechyd da am oes ac i ddechrau ei busnes ei hun.
The Hun is about twice the size of a bobwhite quail, just as good to eat, capable of flying about as fast, is just as difficult to hit, is more difficult to kill and sometimes holds quite nicely to a pointing dog.
Having invaded Cambodia in the wake of brutal Khmer Rouge border raids, Vietnam has apparently now withdrawn its occupying forces but continues to provide arms and aid to Hun Sen.