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The dried fruits (strobiles) of Humulus lupulus (family Moraceae), a climbing herb of central and northern Asia, Europe, and North America; an aromatic bitter, mildly sedative, and a diuretic; primarily used in the brewing industry for giving aroma and flavor to beer.
Synonym(s): hops
[Mediev. L.]
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Effect of Humulus japonicus extract on sperm motility, fertilization status and subsequent preimplantation embryo development in cattle.
Humulus lupulus is a prospective herb to consider as it contains a potent phytoestrogenic constituent.
Lo strato arbustivo e dominato dalla presenza di Rubus caesius, Rubus ulmifolius, Salix purpurea, Cornus sanguinea, Robinia pseudoacacia, mentre a quello lianoso partecipano Clematis vitalba, Hedera helix, Humulus lupulus, Vitis riparia.
A Golden hop - Humulus Lupulus Aurea - roots easily from a softwood cutting.
THE HOP is a tall climbing plant, Latin name Humulus lupulus (wolf of the woods).
Prenylflavonoids are a unique class of phytochemicals found in the cluster of flowers on a branch of the hop plant Humulus lupulus.
La familia Cannabaceae incluye dos generos, Humulus L.
La repentina expansion que muestran los porcentajes de Cannabaceae en niveles datados en epoca romana o en la Edad Media ha sido interpretada como una evidencia circunstancial, que demuestra el posible cultivo de Cannabis con mayor probabilidad que el de Humulus en muchos contextos.
Structure and inheritance of ribosomal DNA variants in cultivated and wild hop, Humulus lupulus L.
GOOD news for beer-drinking gardeners - there's a great new ornamental hop called Humulus Golden Tassels which can also be used for home brewing.
They are all of the same species, Humulus lupulus L.
Humulus lupulus (hops) Extract and Oil--2 ingredients--Safe with non-sensitizing caveat