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humorless, but co-creator Mitchell writes lines that would tickle Mae West (arriving onstage to applause: "I like a warm hand on my entrance").
Although it makes me feel like the humorless weenies that dapper young Benjy Bradlee would have mocked in his prep school years, I must say that Bradlee's account also explains what was wrong with his tenure at the Post.
The listless, dreary, humorless music of this six-member outfit perfectly reflects the moment the mind goes blank before sleep sets in - but not in a good way.
But for the Butchies--whose second album, Population 1975, was released October 11--being political does not translate to being humorless.
And by the same token, the biblical exhortation to avoid lewd speech does not condemn us to a humorless, colorless, or piously boring manner of communication.
Many of the early chapters are spent reexplaining the principle of conservation of energy--indeed, the subject affords him one of the few attempts at levity in an otherwise humorless text.
Even more so because practically every aspect of it is so humorless.
For any straight folk and gay men with whom it resonates, Stolen Moments should effectively dismantle any lingering suspicions that lesbians are (a) less sexual than guys, (b) monogamy mavens, or (c) humorless.
Hollywood hadn't loved him, insistent, humorless man that he was, pushing dull starlets into bad movies and riding his wealth.
But perhaps it is premature to write Congress off as just a collection of humorless bean counters who hang around for years, croching behind a battlement of blandness.
Instead, we get kids singing Black Sabbath, begging their moms to make them pentagrams and clenching their teeth through Green's humorless tirades.
Still, Poirier agonized over including '70s archival footage that backed up gay men's picture of lesbians as humorless harpies.