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1] (the wide range given by the difference between the humic and humin acid fractions from the basal date).
The fractions of humu-Fe/Al complexes and humin were rarely included in soil humus fractionation schemes, even though they may account for a substantial portion of soil organic matter.
The humin fraction was the greatest in all management systems, representing between 60% (DP) and 66% (HS) of the TOC in the 0-10 cm layer, and between 58% (HSDP) and 68% (DP) in the 10-20 cm layer (Table 5).
The low aromatic content of the humin may be attributed to the concentration in this fraction of the hydrophobic, not readily oxidised non-aromatic resin acids and long-chain waxes.
8/24/99: Patricia Humin, Exeter, Luzerne County; Docket No.
13]C CPMAS NMR of de-ashed soil humin in a second-growth Douglas-fir stand of coastal British Columbia.
1978; Ogner 1979), but in these studies the largest fraction of SOM, the insoluble humin fraction, was by necessity ignored (Skjemstad et al.
Preston CM, Newman RH (1992) Demonstration of spatial heterogeneity in the organic matter of deashed humin samples by solid-state [sup.
Demonstration of spatial heterogeneity in the organic matter of de-ashed humin samples by solid-state [sup.
The ampoule was allowed to cool; the content was filtered to remove the humins.