humanistic health care

humanistic health care,

n approach to medicine that emphasizes the relationship between caregiver and patient. Characterized by collaboration, dignity, empathy, and trust.
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It is consistent with the consumer demand for humanistic health care.
This program would also be in keeping with current trends in the shift of palliative care to the home, and the social value in Canada of humanistic health care.
FIU School of Nursing Mission: The mission of the FIU School of Nursing is to teach, conduct research and service the community by preparing qualified men and women for leadership roles in basic and advanced professional nursing practices in a rapidly changing, multicultural, multiethnic global environment; promoting, expanding and validating the scientific base of nursing knowledge and practice through discovery, organization and transmission of research-based knowledge, skills and values; and collaborating with local, national and international health care agencies in promoting excellence through cost-effective, accessible, equitable and humanistic health care delivery systems for diverse individuals, families and communities.
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