human companionship

hu·man com·pan·ion·ship

anthropophobia, phobanthropy.
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I craved human companionship, and, coming off the poop, took my place by the side of the boatswain (a man whom I did not like) in a comparatively dry spot where at worst we had water only up to our knees.
For over twenty years, from infancy to manhood, the ape-man had roamed his savage jungle haunts without human companionship of any nature.
The dark removed the stimulus of human companionship, and a tear actually slid down her cheek, accompanying a sudden conviction within her that she loved Ralph, and that he didn't love her.
Step by step she was luring him away from the security of his human companionship.
I followed her, for my way was north too; but had it been south I still should have followed, so hungry was I for human companionship in this world of beasts and reptiles and half-men.
Dogs require lots of mental and physical stimulation, as well as human companionship.
These animals are often in ill health and have problems like poor socialization skills due to lack of human companionship and genetic defects due to inbreeding," CARA says on its own website.
Four years old, with a healthy appetite for play, fun, food, and human companionship, Chuck suffered loneliness in his animal shelter stay in Kentucky.
While dogs may seem to be having a blast playing with a fellow canine at home, in the park or at the dog kennel, research done at Ohio State University found that dogs typically prefer human companionship.
So many of us who have plenty of human companionship also feel a special bond with a pet.
Discreetly spaced along the shore, three separate dining nooks set the stage for focusing on food, human companionship and natural beauty.
1) For the purpose of this Comment, unless otherwise noted, "companion animal" refers to a domesticated dog or cat that was bred for human companionship.

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