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Vox populi A residence, domicile, place where an activity occurs. See Almshouse, Clearinghouse, Halfway house, Phoenix House, Project house.

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Q. How can I "allergy proof" the house? My nephew will be coming to stay with me for a couple of months and he is highly allergic. How can I allergy proof the house so he'll be protected?

A. Excellent tips :)
In the meantime everything is fine.

Q. How can i prevent my mother reducing the overweight? she is an 52 years of old. She is an house wife

A. Do you mean how to help her lose her overweight?
The best way is diet and exercise. In order for her not to feel like she is the only one on a diet, its best if all the family starts eating a healthy diet. This will help both her and all of you. She should also exercise. You can encourage her by taking walks with her around the neighborhood, or walking to the grocery store instead of driving there, taking the steps instead of an elevator and more.
Here is a website with a lot of information on how to eat healthy:

Q. How can i prevent my mother reducing the overweight? she is an 52 years of old. She is an house wife she had diabetic & BP

A. I think that the key to weight loss is not so much as dieting but taking control over what and how much you eat. I eat at least six times a day, thats four meals and two snacks. The protions that i eat however are not that big. I mostly just eat until I'm full or just satisfied. I really dont excercise either except for walking and I have lost 55 pounds over about a 3 or 4 month period. I LOVE food and the few diets that i did try didnt work, either because I was still hungry or I just didnt stick to them long enough to see results. I don't know if this works for everyone, but it worked for me. I think this worked because eating six meals a day kept my metabolism running almost constantly, so i ended up burning more calories than i took in. This may not take the weight off fast, but it can help you lose weight and keep it off. Hope this helps.

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For Custom House Agents, this translates into the ability to serve their customers more effectively.
They are one of the oldest Custom house agent and IATA Agent in India and specialize in customized Supply - Chain logistics solutions.
Tenders are invited for Appointment Of Custom House Agent (Cha) For Providing Cha Services At Jnpt/Mbpt /Air Cargo For A Period Of Two Years Eligibility Criteria : (a) CHA black listed by DFPCL/SMARTCHEM / Other Public Sector Undertakings / Co-operative Sector OR CHAs de-listed by the above-referred Organizations in the last two years shall not be considered.
Savills country house agent Judith Harper said: "South Beach has always been a very popular address and this house is a golfer's dream.
iii) The firm shall be an approved Custom House agent approved by Mormugao Custom House and having a valid registration in Goa.
As James Preston, Kew Management's senior in house agent for its commercial properties, explained it, the space was intended for showrooms, not distribution facilities.
Tenders are invited for C&F activities of BEML Equipment at Raxaul (Indo Nepal Border) during October%17-December 2017 Eligibility Criteria : (a) Bidder should have valid Customs House Agent (CHA) license (or) CHA License of the party engaged by them.
Tenders are invited for Public tender for customs house agent (cha) cum transportation cum outsourcing of export documentation at delhi and panipat for petrochemicals exports
Tenders are invited for Appointment of custom house agent (cha) for carrying out customs clearance works for lng cargoes to be imported at a) dahej ports in gujarat, B) kamrajar port near chennai (erstwhile ennore port) in tamil nadu, C) kochi port in kerela
Tenders are invited for 1)Appointment of Custom House Agent (CHA) for carrying out customs clearance works for LNG cargoes to be imported at a) Dahej Port in Gujarat, b) Kamarajar Port near Chennai (erstwhile Ennore Port) in Tamil Nadu and c) Kochi Port in Kerala.