hot packing

hot packing

application of hot packs made by frying oats in vinegar and enclosing them in cloth sacs; used as an adjunct to acupuncture.

Patient discussion about hot packing

Q. can i treat Arthritis with hot packs? will it make any different?

A. Actually ostheoarthritis is known to be aleviated with heat and so hot packs may help. Cold weather is known to aggravate arthritis. You should try a combination of physical therapy or minimal exercise with hot packs.

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I was wondering if I could use the process of hot packing in a pressure cooker glass jars that have a "safety button" on the lid such as commercial tomato sauce jars, salsa jars, and the like?
Dowdney runs through the techniques, equipment and supplies needed, step-by-step preparations, hot packing, water bathing and much more in this colorful volume.
Hot packing ensures that microbiological contamination is negligible but it is generally associated with very high moisture content.