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1. characterized by high temperature.
2. radioactive; particularly used to denote the presence of significantly or dangerously high levels of radioactivity.


1. characterized by high temperature.
2. radioactive; particularly used for the presence of significantly or dangerously high levels of radioactivity.


adjective Inflamed.
adjective Sexually attractive.


Cardiology A trial–Hypertension Ongoing Trial designed to:; (1) determine the optimal target diastolic BP, and (2) assess whether low-dose aspirin ↓ cardiovascular M&M in Pts with HTN. See Antihypertensive, Felodipine, Hypertension, J curve phenomenon.


adjective Inflamed

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Q. How Can Hot Flashes Be Treated? I am 62 years old. I have been experiencing hot flashes recently that really bother me. How can this be treated?

A. The problem of hot flashes is experienced by many women undergoing menopause. Until recent years, the main treatment offered, was the hormonal replacement therapy. Nowadays, this treatment is considered a bit problematic, therefore it is recommended to start with alternative options of treatment- a variety of natural supplements are available to try. It is also believed that dietary changes may relieve hot flashes. This includes avoiding caffeine, hot drinks, chocolate, spicy or hot foods and alcohol. Certain herbs are also believed to help.

Q. Hot flashes while on tamoxifen - is there anything to do? Hello, Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after surgery and radiation, I was given tamoxifene. In the beginning it was OK, but now I have hot flashes. Usually I can to hold my self until It passes, but some times (like during work) it’s just so bothering- is there anything I can do to make these flashes go?

A. Just a short update, I took Riki's advice and went to see my doctor a couple of days ago - now I just have to wait and see if the medicine he gave me will do the trick.

Q. Does any one have any suggestions for hot flashes? Soy is prohibited.

A. Hi,

There are several options. First you can try to dress appropriately, exercise regularly refrain from certain foods, coffe and smoking. There are several dietary supplements that may curb your hot flashes such as black cohosh.

You can read more here (

There are also medications to treat this condition (such as hormones, anti-depressant etc.) but they require prescription. You may consult your doctor to see what the best option for you is.

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Nearly 40,000 people are expected to crowd the stage at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues, the site of the original Nathan's Hot Dogs, to watch dozens of competitive eaters as they devour franks.
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He'd just come back from a nice dinner out with his wife, but his mind danced with hot dogs and onions.
But you don't expect somebody to steal the whole hot dog cart.
They've got just 1 gram of sat fat (and 370 milligrams of sodium), yet manage to deliver that garlic-and-paprika kick that kosher hot dog fans crave.