hospital information system

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hospital information system

Informatics The computer hardware and software that processes a hospital's data, including financial, Pt-related, and 'strategic' management data, Pt accounts, Pt tracking, payroll, reimbursements, taxes, statistics

hos·pi·tal in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(HIS) (hos'pi-tăl in'fōr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
Integrated computer system to store, manipulate, and retrieve clinical, nonclinical, and administrative information in health care organization.

hospital information system



A large computerized database management system that processes patient data in order to support patient care. The system is used by health care clinicians to access patient data and to plan, implement, and evaluate care.
Synonym: clinical information system; patient information system
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For instance, access to computer-based patient records will be required by the other components of a hospital information system or by a telemedicine system (in our taxonomy, it is not explicit that some components may require access to each other).
The report provides the driving factors that are encouraging the hospital information system software market among which the booming healthcare market finds a prominent position.
The consortium agreed to try exporting the hospital information system throughout the Middle East by establishing a joint venture with Saudi Arabia s Ministry of National Guard.
Market Trends II-4 Spending on Healthcare IT Increase II-4 Clinical Information Systems Leads the HIS Market II-4 Administrative Modules Form the Foundation of Hospital Information Systems II-4 Bright Prospects Await PACS II-5
The Hospital Information Systems market is highly fragmented, with 48% of the market held by six participants
Our medical equipment report, Healthcare IT Market Outlook in China to 2016 - Hospital Information Systems and Medical Imaging Information Systems provides key market data on the China Healthcare IT market.
The Hospital Information Systems are increasingly becoming person-centric; enabling clinicians at the point of care to access the most up-to-date results and clinical information.
Hospital Information Systems, Global, Revenue ($bn), 2009-2016 The global Hospital Information Systems (HIS) market was valued at $7.
Along with the need to provide cost-efficient services, this is essentially increasing hospital information systems (HIS) adoption rates.
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