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contests of speed and endurance with serious biochemical and physiological consequences lessened by adequate training beforehand. See also physical fitness, exertional rhabdomyolysis, heat exhaustion, pulmonary hemorrhage, epistaxis, exhaustion.

racing dogs
usually refers to Greyhounds and Whippets, but in some instances may be used to describe the dogs used for endurance sledge racing.
racing pigeons
a variety of pigeons, bred and selected to fly long distances back to their own homes. Races are conducted as time trials with groups of birds being released at specific times and their arrival clocked in.
racing plates
lightweight, single-use, horseshoes made of aluminum and with a fullered contact surface; see also horseshoeing.

Patient discussion about racing

Q. what causes the heart to race so fst it feels like it going to come right out your chest?

A. Too much caffeine or alcohol or food can sometimes cause your heart to race in an erratic way. Heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias) occur when the electrical impulses in your heart that coordinate your heartbeats don't function properly, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly.

Arrhythmias are common and usually harmless. Most people have occasional, irregular heartbeats that may feel like a skipped, fluttering or racing heart. However, some heart arrhythmias may cause bothersome — sometimes even life-threatening — signs and symptoms. Hope this helps.

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Horse Racing Simulation will be releasing their web-based version viewer, which will allow gamers to participate and watch 3D virtual horse racing action without ever downloading to their computer.
2-4 TENNIS Davis Cup Final 3 HORSE RACING Tingle Creek Trophy (Sandown) William Hill Handicap Hurdle (Sandown) 4 Hattons Grace Hurdle (Fairyhouse) 10 Tripleprint Gold Cup (Cheltenham) 11 ATHLETICS European Cross-Country Championships (Tilburg) 13-19 EQUESTRIAN International Horse of the Year Show (Olympia) 26 King George VI Chase (Kempton) 27 Welsh National (Chepstow)
In order to both stay true to the directive of positioning horse racing as entertainment and attract the target market, an effort was made to make the creative more than just montages of race footage.
He says it is also important to note that the race track and horse racing people receive 10 per cent each from the gross revenue that the facility generates.
I wish horse racing was not supported by gambling," Robertson told The Times.
This agreement will turn-the-tide for thoroughbred and quarter horse racing in Minnesota," states Jesse Overton, Chair of the Minnesota Racing Commission.
He expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to the Chairman of the High Committee of the Rashid Equestrian and Horse Racing Club aiShaikh Abdull bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa for his keenness to ensure the success of the races, commending the efforts of the club in organising and preserving horse races.
But any action on steroids is better late than never, because American horse racing is behind the curve on two counts: North and South America are the only places where racing permits steroids, and racing is this continent's only major sport not to have banned the their non-therapeutic use.
Other companies involved with online horse racing include Magna Entertainment Corp.
Great Canadian's Vice President of Communications, Entertainment and Responsible Gaming, Howard Blank, said : "Thanks to the efforts of both the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Finance, we are pleased to be able to continue to host live horse racing fans at Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs.
For latest Kentucky Derby Contenders and Kentucky Derby Betting Odds, please visit All Horse Racing (www.
Short of a Triple Crown winner, American horse racing craves nothing as much as an older horse with a backstory who'll stay competitive at the top levels long enough to become a household name.