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n the abbreviation for high oxygen pressure.
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From there, the list of approved styles moves on to maltforward beers, red ales, pale ales and the hoppier IPAs.
I think that die-hard real ale fans may prefer a heavier, hoppier, fully flavoured beer style which this certainly is not, but it is well balanced and not too gassy or alcoholic at 4.
Summer will see the lighter pale ales, which are about as light in color as English beers get, or bitters, a lighter-weight, hoppier, thirstquenching brew.
Additionally, the word "Imperial" is borrowed from the Imperial Stout style, which is also a maltier, hoppier interpretation of a familiar beer.
An altbier, this is a stronger, hoppier version of the traditional German beer found in Dusseldorf.
I could say that the Bo'Ho is hoppier and cleaner than your average lager, or that the One Inch Punch has a great pine resin bite, or that there's a great coffee blast to the Morning Glory Breakfast Stout.
I guess it could be hoppier by today's standards, but I think it is pretty delicious.
When a new brewer comes into the market, the distributors will ask them what they have in the hoppier end, and if they don't have something, their chances aren't so good of getting in," he says.
It is described as "Drier, hoppier, and slightly more bitter than a traditional bock.
Best barbecue beers: Accompany flame-grilled sausages, steaks and burgers with a fuller-flavoured, hoppier ale such as Marston's Pedigree or Timothy Taylor's Landlord.
The palate is far hoppier than the nose suggests and the finish is noticeably bitter -- a bit of a surprise after the mellow nose.
Some of the drier, hoppier full-bodied American amber ales, such as Red Tail from Mendocino.