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a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as optimism that is personally satisfying and life-supporting. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.
An abbreviation for a number of clinical trials:
Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation
Hospital Outcomes Project for the Elderly
Hypertensive Old People in Edinburgh study
Use of the HEPACOAT™ Bx Velocity Stent and an Antithrombotic Regimen of Aspirin Alone


Cardiology A randomized, multicenter, multinational trial–Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation–which found that ramipril/Altace®, an ACE inhibitor, in ↓ mortality in Pts with heart failure. See Calgary-HOPE.


The expectation that something desired will occur. One of the bases of professional health care is encouraging and supporting the presence of hope while providing accurate information and realistic reassurance.

Patient discussion about hope

Q. my wife is pregnant !!! i am so excited ! this is the first time out of many i hope !!! but i have concerns that i would like to share with the community here ... i am afraid of being a bad father , i am afraid i won't know how to be a father ... where do u start ... how do i support my wife after the though experince ... how do i take care of the child ... a lot of things a re running through my mind with no answer ,can any one help me to calm down ????

A. you won't be a perfect father but you'll try to be. that's what's important. thousands of years of evolution gave you the basics. you'll be fine :)

Q. Hey Guys !! how are you all? i hope you feel fine because weekend is coming !!!! you all out there have a splendid time and the most important thing is to be healthy ! so take care and have a great weekend ! love you all !!!

A. thanks macboy. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

Q. Hello Community ! great weekend head of us , i hope everyone is feeling great and they are healthy and let us all have a great weekend , and a safe weekend ! Take Care !

A. thanks you too. take care and be safe.

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1) Bob Hope and his wife, Dolores, were in fine spirits in 1993 when they appeared at KNBC studios in Burbank.
The decision to work in partnership with Project HOPE further underscores our belief in nursing as a critical component in an effective health care system.
In spite of all the reasons for despair, we dare to continue to hope for the arrival of the future Jesus promised.
Project HOPE was established in 1958 and has offices in Washington and San Francisco and headquarters in Millwood, Va.
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