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To fully support their customers, BEEI offers confidential sample testing in their laboratory, homogenizer demonstrations and training and machine rental programs.
The challenges are combined with increased productivity and flexibility requirements that traditional mixers and pressure/valve homogenizers are either not capable of offering, or do so at high capital and operational costs.
Company's high-speed, high-shear homogenizers subject mixtures to intense mechanical and hydraulic forces to reduce mixing time and assure uniform blending.
In addition to biotechnology and pharmaceutical production, this product targets markets such as foods, chemicals and personal care, by offering pricing that is more competitive with traditional homogenizers.
Products include magnetic stirrers, homogenizers, grinding mills, heating devices, mini-plant reactors and more.
Serving all the process industries in virtually every industrialized country around the world, Ross has led the evolution of sanitary rotor/stator mixers, multi-agitator mixers and granulators, vacuum homogenizers and sanitary blenders.
This 60-page, color catalog provides photographs and descriptions of the company's process equipment, including agitators, attritors, autoclaves, blenders, blow molders, homogenizers, chillers, compressors, continuous and internal mixers, converting equipment, dispersers, double arm mixers, dryers, dust collectors, extruders, granulators, heat exchangers, high intensity mixers, hydraulic presses, laboratory equipment, mills, mixers, pelletizers, rubber machinery, preformers, presses, reactors, rubber extruders, slitters, etc.
Jas Singh, Beacon Foods' senior production manager, said: "The new cooking vessels are much more labour efficient than the brat pan, because they are computer controlled and have built in homogenizers and agitators.
VirTis laboratory equipment includes freeze dryers and mechanical homogenizers, and Hull provides freeze drying systems.
Featured processes include aluminum ingot/billet heating, log/billet homogenizers, coil/foil/wire annealing, solution heat treating, aging, reverb melting, and holding furnaces.
Plus Mixers, DT Top-Entering, Fixed-Mount Mixers, XPress Portable Mixers and BT Sanitary Mixers; Prochem Side-Entering, Belt-Driven Mixers; Kenics Static Mixers and Heat Exchangers; and Greerco High Shear Mixers and Homogenizers.
For many applications, the MegaShear offers a viable alternative to expensive high pressure homogenizers.