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His bottom line: "Place itself cannot be homogenized.
La Sierra homogenized, 2% lowfat, and nonfat milk, in all size containers, code dated 3/23 or MAR 23
11 Cheese homogenized vanilla: the total amount of 3540 kg
Prepare phase C by dispersing Deposilk Q1 in water and add to homogenized product.
They ate way too much Taco Bell, found out just how homogenized the world is, shared the stage with veteran rockers like the Hot Snakes and promising newcomers Dios and the Unicorns, and took countless roles of film from the window of the van.
That means you have a homogenized look at Darin's complicated life that is designed, like most of Spacey's recent films, to produce a showy ego trip for the lead actor and cheap, unearned, beyond-earnest sentiment for the unfortunate, paying customers.
In Uncommon Places, he not only brings the lessons of his contemporaries Douglas Huebler, Ed Ruscha, and Dan Graham to the twentieth-century American photographic tradition, but also integrates Pop's disengaged signifiers--turning an eye trained by a stint at Warhol's Factory on an increasingly homogenized United States--with Conceptual art's flirtation with the typological.
Yet, far from marginalizing the work, Scarpa's idiosyncrasy continues to inspire architects who, in their own cultures and contexts, are swimming against the tide of homogenized industrial production which has dominated the twentieth century.
So they must be invaded, homogenized, and, if necessary, resettled.
At such moments her courage and conviction effectively remind us that "unlike dairy products, sexuality absolutely does not need to be homogenized.
After cooling, raw sand, clay and carbons could be added as dictated by a computer file based on pattern scheduling, and the sand further homogenized before being transferred to the return sand storage bunkers.
Omega Farms dairy products are made with grade A homogenized, pasteurized milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST.