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The process by which a material is made homogeneous.
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Company's Continuous Mixer is a starve-fed, twin-rotor, intensive-fluxing continuous mixer used primarily for polyolefin color masterbatching, polyolefin homogenization, and compounding engineering resins, reinforced or rubber-modified polymers, and rigid and flexible PVC.
The adjustability feature (throttle) is utilized for the more difficult compounds by starting from an underplasticized condition with excessive output to arrive at a minimum plasticized temperature for the compound at the degree of homogenization required by the process.
A general purpose screw works quite well in generating complete melt homogenization.
Homogenization of woven composites therefore requires two levels of homogenization, the one of the yarn and the one of the ply.
The fully automated system has cap piercing capabilities and automatically inverts each tube prior to sampling to ensure thorough homogenization and accurate results.
It is a continuous process that performs both homogenization and pasteurization at once.
As jewelry retailers replicate each other's product designs, styles and even marketing approaches in global markets, all of which results in across-the-board homogenization, the Chow Tai Seng "China Fashion" Commercial Jewelry Design Completion with a focus on original and innovative designs is a highly needed injection of new blood into the jewelry market.
excellent homogenization and careful plasticizing, the R-Series twin-screw extruder used in this case features a large free screw volume.
The text covers multiscale methods, upscaling/downscaling continua and atomistic/continuum media, reduced order homogenization, the scale-separation-free upscaling/downscaling of continua, and multiscale design software.
Ross Inline High Shear Mixers are a versatile choice for general purpose mixing, powder wet-out, particle size reduction, solubilization, emulsification and homogenization.
In this study, involving a two-stage process, we have used the shear force of refining process for microfibrillation of cotton fibers followed by hydrodynamic cavitation of homogenization process for nanofibrillation.