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The process by which a material is made homogeneous.
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5 ml to 15 ml, and it guarantees identical homogenization in each of the tube positions.
The emulsion activity index related to the turbidity of the emulsion formed with oil, at an absorbance at 500 nm by the milks, increased above 200 MPa of homogenization pressure, with a maximum exhibited at 400 MPa of homogenization pressure.
To calculate the effective elasticity tensors of heterogeneous materials, the usage of homogenization procedure is essential.
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate our ability to predict the linear behavior of single plies of wovens through two different homogenization methods.
Globalization is about homogenization and fragmentation as Asian consumers and producers in mass chase after status and products that are unique, special, custom and rare
The purpose of this analysis was to compare the results obtained by varying the amount of local homogenization of heterogeneities.
Thermal stability of the cellulose nanofibers before and after the refining and homogenization process was analyzed using the thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
Both the methods are labor intensive and can result in: (a) inconsistent sample homogenization; (b) significant volume loss due to adhesion of sample and buffer to the pestle that is then removed from the tube; and (c) introduce the possibility of sample cross contamination as homogenization takes place in open tubes.
The language of the capital is imposed on mountain people to engineer homogenization or sameness to help the state to consolidate its authority.
RTS Life Science has upgraded its SolidPrep to process larger volume samples for tablet and capsule homogenization and extraction.
Assuring total particle size reduction and homogenization, the mixer can handle viscosities from 100 CPS on up with flow rates from 0.
The basic problems of the modern world result from reality overload, an invasive homogenization of modern life that elevates consumption goals and conformity and creates a situation of too much information.