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homocysteinuria (hōˈ·mō·sisˈ·t·i·nōōˑ·rē·),

n abnormal metabolic condition in which excessive levels of homocysteine are present in the blood and urine. High homocysteine levels are considered a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
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Lower amounts of collagen crosslinks have been found in patients who have homocysteinuria.
Possible causes of low bone density (a) Inherited Nutritional Endocrine Osteogenesis imperfecta Malabsorption Hypogonadism Homocysteinuria Chronic liver disease Hyperthyroidism Marfan syndrome Alcoholism Cushing syndrome Calcium deficiency Hyperparathyroidism Vitamin D deficiency Anorexia nervosa Medications Other Glucocorticoids Multiple myeloma Anticonvulsants Rheumatoid arthritis Heparin Mastocytosis Excess thyroid Immobilization GnRH agonists Hypercalciuria (a) GnRH, gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
Lower amounts of collagen cross-links have been found in patients who have homocysteinuria.
This discovery was extrapolated from the association of CVD found in patients diagnosed with homocysteinuria, a rare inborn autosomal recessive disease complicated by early cardiac death (Taylor-Chinn, 2000).
Dietary treatment does not appear to help people with highly elevated levels or children born with a genetic defect which causes homocysteinuria or extremely elevated levels.
Kilmer McCully, a pathologist at Harvard, while doing an autopsy on a two-month-old infant who had died of homocysteinuria, found extensive damage to the arteries with plaque formation as one might see in someone in the later decades of life.