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Having a tendency toward homicide.


(hŏm′ĭ-sīd) [L. homo, man, + caedere, to kill]
1. Murder.
2. A murderer.
homicidal, adjective
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There he is recruited to join the illegal and homicidally brutal football team, with the chance of a reduced sentence if they win--and the likelihood of being eaten by polar bears if they lose.
genuinely, homicidally in a rage like the great murderers of history--like Himmler or Hitler or Stalin or Goebbels.
Melanie Lynskey's career began with her fellow New Zealander Peter Jackson's most critically acclaimed film, "Heavenly Creatures," playing a homicidally hysterical teenager opposite another, then-unknown young actress, Kate Winslet.
My money's on the vermin killer eventually being revealed as a large cartoon tomcat who, having grown sick of his favourite cigars being swapped for brown-painted sticks of TNT, has turned homicidally doolally and declared war on all that squeak.
is compared to the rest of the world, one reason becomes obvious: While America may not have more homicidally insane people than other countries do, homicidally insane people can get their hands on guns more easily in America than they can virtually anywhere else.
For how long was the mindset of its direct perpetrators nurtured, for how long were impressionable minds doctored, warped and then homicidally refocused?