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Having a tendency toward homicide.


(hŏm′ĭ-sīd) [L. homo, man, + caedere, to kill]
1. Murder.
2. A murderer.
homicidal, adjective
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230] Looking outside the small sample of juvenile death row inmates, fifty-five percent of the homicidally aggressive children studied had been physically abused.
Halloween" has everything you could want in an updated slasher movie, as long as you're not a homicidally slavish purist.
And they're homicidally determined no upstart new tenant's going to get it out of the building without a fight -or another death.
THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992) 1am C5 Remarkable "virtual reality" special effects are the best thing about a rather crude chiller in which well-meaning scientist Pierce Brosnan's experiments on retarded gardener Jeff Fahey go homicidally haywire.
In a nutshell: A pizza delivery man slowly, quietly goes homicidally nuts in this devastating look at economic inequality in Iran.
But his tour de force was Kind Hearts and Coronets when he played all eight members, male and female of an aristocratic family being dispatched by a homicidally disgruntled relative.
FATAL ATTRACTION (1987): 'I will not be ignored,' said spurned Glenn Close as one-night stand turned homicidally dangerous.
Terror, that is, that comes from knowing every minute you set foot outside your home is an opportunity for some homicidally misguided teenager to take your life.
But what was meant to be outrageously literary becomes literal to the last unhinged, homicidally inclined inmate, who acts out the marquis' tale, and an unspeakable tragedy arises from his prose.
If he was forced to become an accountant, heavy equipment operator or postal worker just because some socialistic do-gooder or wannabe-athlete-turned-geriatric-pencil- pusher (like Senator John McCain or writer Michael Rosenthal, respectively) said so by government decree, he would still have gotten Parkinson's disease along with increased chances of getting high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, alcoholism, liver disease, stroke, lung cancer, ulcer, blood clot, depression, accidentally maimed, homicidally killed, etc.
As opposed to Smith's creation of the grim English village of Wigan, Lillian Jackson Braun, in the course of numerous mystery novels about Jim Qwilleran and his psychic Siamese cats, has created awonderfully comfortable, if homicidally active, little Middle American town called Pickax.