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Having a tendency toward homicide.


(hŏm′ĭ-sīd) [L. homo, man, + caedere, to kill]
1. Murder.
2. A murderer.
homicidal, adjective
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A Study of Homicidal deaths in Mirpur District of Kashmir, Pakistan.
Out of 163 homicidal death cases, age group of 21-40 years was mostly affected with a male-to-female ratio of 1.
Amongst all the cases, total 119 cases were confirmed as homicidal, either by police investigations or found to be homicidal in autopsy.
A study on homicidal deaths showed gunshot wounds as the most common cause of death followed by stab wounds blunt trauma and asphyxia.
After each session, the soldiers were individually evaluated for suicidal and homicidal ideations; self-report was the primary method of evaluating progress.
Chapters examine the annihilation of books and libraries as tactic of political or ethnic protest, and move on to explore the execution and aftermath of libricidal, homicidal, and genocidal conflicts in Germany, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and more.
The still grieving Alex Cross has the chance to capture the homicidal psychopath responsible for the murder of his wife Maria.
A MAN who harboured homicidal feelings for years was yesterday found guilty of murdering a complete stranger.
A man who harboured homicidal feelings for years has been found guilty of murdering a complete stranger.
Shakespeare had the right homicidal attitude towards them.
The judge dismissed a public-nuisance lawsuit filed against Glock and the distributor RSR brought by victims and family members of the now infamous "Jewish Daycare Center" shooting in Los Angeles in 1999 by Buford Furrow, a crazed homicidal maniac.
A phenomenon that comes to be known as "The Pulse" strikes cell phone users and anyone near them and turns them into flocks of mindless homicidal zombies.