homeostatic mechanism

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homeostatic mechanism,

n physiologic control system that uses negative feedback to maintain dynamic balance.
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Furthermore, Cu absorption and homeostatic mechanisms are very different between bovine and porcine species (Wapnir, 1998; Spears, 2003) but both species are sensitive to pulmonary hypertension at high altitude.
Homeostatic mechanisms can compensate for the actions of a drug and cancel out its therapeutic or adverse effects.
Indeed, inhaled manganese is delivered to the brain much more efficiently than ingested manganese, because it bypasses normal homeostatic mechanisms.
Homeostatic mechanisms are utilized to maintain appropriate serum iron concentrations, thus preventing neuronal cell damage from iron-mediated free radicals.
Because if homeostatic mechanisms lose their balance, then the operated person should be followed up for many years for a disease that was caused to him in order to treat a prior existing disease (obesity).
The body has several homeostatic mechanisms that regulate water balance.
Disturbances of normal homeostatic mechanisms can happen at any level: in the thyroid, the pituitary, or the peripheral tissues.
Homeostatic mechanisms regulate the exchange of waste products for fuel--vital to the survival of cells in the body.
This stimulates the homeostatic mechanisms in the body, which means toxins