homeless person

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homeless person

an individual who has no permanent home, haven, or domicile. Such individuals usually are indigent and depend on charity or public assistance for temporary lodging and medical care. An estimated 30% of homeless persons suffer from some type of mental disorder. See also indigence.

home·less per·son

(hōm'lĕs pĕr'sŏn)
A colloquial term describing a person of no fixed residence; such people generally have little access to health care and are often beset with multiple psychological, physical, and addictive disorders. Their lack of mailing address generally makes follow-up difficult, so those with chronic illnesses remain sick, get sicker, and in the case of those with infectious diseases (e.g., TB) represent a continuing threat to others.
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Every presentation and discharge of a homeless person from ED needs to be shared with a case or social worker to ensure follow-up in the community.
13) Cases involving homeless persons demonstrate the way collective identity shapes court decisions.
Addressing these hurdles may require job training, one-on-one counseling and post-placement counseling to ensure that a homeless person can not only find a job but keep it.
Sano was working as a researcher for urban planning in Osaka when he realized that he wanted to do something to solve the homeless problem in his city: "There was not a single day during my commute to work that I did not encounter a homeless person," he recalls.
This entity could also ensure that, where charges against a homeless person are prosecuted, she or he is legally represented.
In this issue, Gelberg, Andersen, and Leake present findings from an important study that examines the use of healthcare by homeless persons.
on Times Square dressed as a homeless person with running sores than of raising any significant money, but won't quit until they've dragged their personal national recognition factor kicking and screaming over the indistinct Vice Presidential consideration status line.
That man helped form my image of who a homeless person is: an unpleasant someone who might spend the little money he has not on a meal or a bus ride but on booze, crack, or another nose ring.
Invite a homeless person, your local mayor, or an AIDS victim to speak to the group.
We all walk past at least one homeless person every day, and (for me at least) wrestle with a familiar mix of feelings - empathy, guilt at not doing more to help, shame that we live in a wealthy society that somehow allows this to become such an epidemic.
A SCHEME allowing customers to donate a meal and hot drink to a homeless person when buying their own has been launched.
247) That nuisance standard allowed the library to attach its objective determinations of nuisance to any particular patron's subjective discomfort due to the presence of a homeless person.

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