hollow bulb

hollow bulb,

n a portion of a prosthesis made hollow to minimize weight.
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Ahmed B, Mehmood H and Yazdanie N, Hollow bulb obturator: A blessing for maxillectomy patients Pak Oral Dent J.
This case report describes the clinical and laboratory procedures for the patient of right partial maxillectomy with a definitive hollow bulb obturator.
Treatment plan included fabrication of a hollow bulb obturator with cast partial denture frame work replacing the entire right quadrant of teeth.
To reduce the weight of the prosthesis, a hollow bulb was fabricated with lost salt technique.
Hollow bulb obturator for acquired palatal openings.
The hollow bulb obturator: its fabrication using one denture flask.
Before complete setting 2-3mm of plaster was scraped out from the borders of the defect upto a depth of 4mm, to create space for the hollow bulb portion.
Pressure indicating paste was applied on the walls of the hollow bulb to check for any pressure areas.
After a detailed discussion, a heat-polymerizing acrylic resin maxillary obturator with hollow bulb design was planned and explained to the patient.
Then a second cast was made to fabricate the hollow bulb part of the obturator in the conventional manner.
This clinical report describes the fabrication of hollow bulb obturator prosthesis for a patient with a maxillary defect after undergoing partial maxillectomy procedure.
Heat cure resin was adapted in to the defect area after which the hollow bulb and the framework were placed back in to their respective position on the cast.