holistic response

holistic response (hō·lisˑ·tik rē·spnsˑ),

n therapeutic engagement with the patient as a whole, taking into account the patient's physical, emotional, psychologic, social, and spiritual aspects.
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Ideally, in those situations an attorney well-trained and well-versed in the physical manifestations of social ills would partner with a medical professional to provide an integrated, holistic response.
The Aids movement also understood that a holistic response to the epidemic was essential if support was to spread.
Foyer Oxford brings together a range of partners from government, the community sector and industry to deliver a holistic response to youth homelessness.
By thoroughly examining the astro-African mythology that Sun Ra espoused, the author demonstrates that he offered both a holistic response to a planet desperately in need of new visions and vibrations and a new kind of political activism that used popular culture to advance social change.
Despite this lack of a holistic response, numerous countries and regions are coming up with effective and cost-effective measures to improve air quality.
There is a need for skilled coordination of supports, delivered by appropriately trained or experienced practitioners working across health and disability, to ensure a holistic response to the needs of people.
On terrorism, the joint declaration underlines that terrorism "which hjas heavily hit Tunisia and Europe in 2015 and in 2016, requires a more concerted holistic response that addresses the root causes of this phenomenon and be faithful to the values of democracy and respect of human rights.
There is no single solution to the crisis facing the steel industry; a holistic response is required to tackle such issues.
We fought for this many many times, and at the level of the Security Council and what you see is some responses on some fronts but not a comprehensive holistic response in regard to the dilemmas faced by people as a whole.
In addition, a measure aimed at holistic response to the drug menace is expected to be approved on second reading.
The report said: "The Government has implemented key components of a holistic response to modern slavery, with victim support services, a strong criminal justice response, co-ordination and collaboration and protections in place for vulnerable populations.
To ensure that a company has a reasonable plan in place to tackle the security risks and e-discovery problems arising from those devices, in-house lawyers should work to develop a holistic response along the lines suggested in this article.